Monday, October 9, 2017

Flies a Kite

Narrator: It was one of those country mornings when George would have slept late if a strange sound didn't wake him up.

Curious George: (rustling) (chatters) Hmmm. (rustling) (wind whistling) Whew! (giggles)

Narrator: On a windy day, the country house windows were almost musical.

Curious George: Hmmm.

Narrator: As good as the wind sounded, it felt even better.

Curious George: (loud sniff) Ah.

Narrator: Smelled good, too.

(birds chirping)

Curious George: Bye-bye! (laughing)

Narrator: There had to be lots of things a clever monkey could fly out his window, like heavy winter socks...

Curious George: Uh-huh? (birds chirping) Hmm.

Narrator: ...birds he drew...

Curious George: Ah! (A paper flies in the air)

Narrator: ...his lucky brick.

Curious George: Uh-huh? (grunts)

Narrator: And there was even better stuff downstairs.

Curious George: (chatters)

Man with the Yellow Hat: What's the excitement, George? (Curious George blows a bubble) Yeah, it's a great day to play in the wind. I'll get the door for you.

Curious George: (excited chattering, groans)

Man with the Yellow Hat: (off-screen) Uh, George?

Curious George: Huh?

Man with the Yellow Hat: If you're wondering how a big, yellow hat would fly... you know the rule, buddy-- no one is allowed to play with the yellow hat.

Curious George: (chatters)

Man with the Yellow Hat: Have fun. Clean up after yourself, and don't blow away.

Narrator: George couldn't decide what he'd fly first...

Curious George: (excited chattering)

Narrator ...and then, (all the stuff had blown away) he didn't have to.

Curious George: (sighs)

Jumpy Squirrel: (squeaking)

Narrator: Jumpy Squirrel tries hard to spend all his time in trees, leaping about.

Jumpy Squirrel: (squeaking)

Narrator: But when it's time to eat, he has to go where the nuts are buried.

Jumpy Squirrel: (digging through the ground, it was an acorn, a ball hit on his head) (gasps) (the stuff had blown away) (runs past) (squeaking)

(wind blowing)

(geese honking)

Curious George: (dreams about Curious George flying with the geese) (chatters) (puts the brick on the ground) Hmm. (chatters) (groans) Ah! (chatters)

Bill: Hey, George! Perfect kite flying' weather, huh?

Curious George: Uh-huh, uh-huh. (chatters)

Bill: Hey, Careful. I'll lose control. Flying a kite's all about control.

Curious George: Oh. Aha!

Bill: This is a Lazy Susan.

Curious George: Ah.

Narrator: He didn't know what a kite was when he woke up that morning,

Curious George: Yay! (chatters)

Narrator: but there was nothing in the world George wanted more than to fly a kite.

Curious George: (excited chattering)

Bill: Sorry, I can't turn over control to an inexperienced city kid.

Curious George: Oh. (chatters)

Bill: This isn't as easy as I make it look. I studied the Beaufort wind scale for three years.

Curious George: (chatters)

Bill: I never make mistakes.

Curious George: Aw!

Bill: Oh. (runs past)

Jumpy Squirrel: (yawns)

Curious George: (chattering)

Jumpy Squirrel: (screaming)

Curious George: (chattering)

Bill: Rats. That's never coming down.

Curious George: (chattering)

Bill: For a city kid, you sure can climb a tree.

Jumpy Squirrel: (screeching)

Curious George: (chuckles) (chattering) (holds the kite)

Bill: Not a scratch! Thanks, George! As a reward, I'll let you fly her.

Curious George: (excited chattering)

Woman: (off-screen) Bill! Billy!

Bill: Coming! I promised I'd help Mom got a pumpkin. I won't be long.

Curious George: (groans)

Bill: You watch the kite till I get back.

Curious George: (chatters)

(Bill runs past)

Curious George: Hmmm.

Narrator: George figured he could watch the kite even better while it flew.

Curious George: Hmmm. (chattering) Uh-oh. (excited chattering) (chuckles) (chattering)

Mrs. Renkins: (riding in horse) Hey, George, lose your kite? (grunts) I don't think I can reach it.

(horse neighing)

Curious George: (chattering)

Mrs. Renkins: Oh, careful there, fella. Don't fall. Gotcha.

Curious George: Yeah! (chattering) Ooh.

(a kite is flying in the weather vane)

Curious George: (chattering) Phew! (chattering) (relieved sigh) (chattering)

Mrs. Renkins: Now, if you don't want to lose hold of that, tie it around something.

Curious George: Hmmm. Ah!

Narrator: George was really flying that kite now. Or maybe it was flying him.

Curious George: (chattering) (groans) (gasps) Uh-oh. (excited chattering)

Mrs. Renkins: You get it okay? Heh. Left without saying good-bye. City folk...

Curious George: (chattering)

(birds crying)

Curious George: (yelling)

Jumpy Squirrel: (squealing)

(loud thud)

(Curious George waves his hand)

Jumpy Squirrel: (chittering)

Curious George: Uh-huh? (chattering) (babbling)

Jumpy Squirrel: (laughing)

Curious George: (yelling)

Jumpy Squirrel: (screaming)

Curious George: (groans) (chattering) Ah!

Mr. Quint: Hmm. Over the years, I seen everything in the waters round here. I seen trout, salmon, haddock...

Mrs. Quint: Did you see that flying monkey?

Mr. Quint: I seen flying monkeys, striped bass, blowfish...

Jumpy Squirrel: (screeches) (squeaks)

(geese honking)

Curious George: (laughing)

Narrator: George was flying with birds. It was a monkey's best dream come true. Now that he'd lived his dream, his arm was getting sore and he wanted to go home. But he had no idea how to do that.

Bill: George? I could've swore this was where I left that kid with my kite. George! Where are ya? Hmm, he couldn't wait. Boy... for a city kid who never flew a kite before, got her up higher than I ever did. (gasps) Whoa! (runs past)

(doorbell rings)

Man with the Yellow Hat: Well, hi, Bill.

Bill: You own binoculars?

Man with the Yellow Hat: Sure do.

Bill: What's trailing behind that kite?

Man with the Yellow Hat: (looks at the binoculars) Ah, it's George. It's George?! And he's got a squirrel on his head! Bill, you call the fire department.

Bill: Okay. Why?

Man with the Yellow Hat: I don't know. They seem to know how to do everything.

Bill: What are you gonna do?

Man with the Yellow Hat: I'm going up there after him!

Narrator: The world below looked beautiful and unfamiliar. George wasn't even sure which way home was anymore.

Jumpy Squirrel: (chittering)

Narrator: Oh, and the squirrel on his head was hungry.

Curious George: (chattering) (sighs)

Narrator: Flying was the best and the worst thing that had happened to him all day.

Man with the Yellow Hat: (off-screen) George!

Curious George: Huh?

Man with the Yellow Hat: George!

Narrator: It was his friend, the man with the yellow... hang glider.

Curious George: (excited chatter)

Jumpy Squirrel: (chittering)

Man with the Yellow Hat: George, I need you to reach out and take my hand with a hand, a foot, whatever.

Curious George: (chattering) Oh...

Jumpy Squirrel: (screeching)

(Jumpy screeching, George yelling)

Curious George: (yelling)

Man with the Yellow Hat: All right, guys, hang on tight. We're going home.

Narrator: George would never forget the day he was almost a bird.